It’s amazing the little details that affect how inviting a home is to potential buyers. If you have a lot of bulky furniture, your home can feel smaller, which can make viewers feel cramped or claustrophobic. Check out these tips on how to stage different rooms in your home to create a more welcoming and homey environment.

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The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that are vital to keep clean. Store appliances that you usually keep out on the counter, make sure soap bottles aren’t gunked up, and any pots or pans you have hanging are clean and in good condition. Wipe off counters and sweep floors before you have a showing or open house.

Living Room

Less is more in your living room. Keep things simple with just a couple of seating areas (like a couch and an armchair), a coffee table that has a simple piece of decor, lighting, and your television. Electronics, magazines, and memorabilia should be stored.


Install a headboard if you don’t have one. This keeps your bed from looking like it could float away from the wall at any minute. Also, make your bed. Your bedroom should also have little less furniture. A bed, dresser, nightstands, and maybe a decorative storage ottoman is acceptable.


The key to staging your bathroom is making sure it’s sparkly clean. Repair any chipped tiles, put away toiletries, and make sure any towels and washcloths on display are neat and matching.


Potential buyers want to know if the storage spaces in your home will adequately store their belongings, so keeping these areas clean and organized are just as important as the larger rooms of your home. Dust off shelves; clean floors; and neatly fold, hang, or organize the content of your closet.


If you have a home office, making it look like it’s an ideal space to focus and be productive is important. Remove as much clutter as possible: paperwork, filing cabinets, overcrowded bookcases. Ideally, the home office should have a desk, a chair, a computer (that’s been dusted), a lamp, a notebook and pen, and maybe a small houseplant.


Curb appeal is essential for creating an inviting home. Make sure grass has been mowed, trees and shrubs have been neatly pruned, consider planting flowers, and set up a seating area on the porch if you have one.


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