Whether you’re investing in property to rent out or to flip and sell, it’s important to look for certain qualities in real estate that will help you attract future renters or buyers. Keep an eye out for the following selling points in a property because you may be able to enhance these points or at least use them when renting out or selling the property yourself.

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Landscape & Exterior

The first thing potential home buyers see when viewing a property is the landscape and exterior of the home. Look for things like a well-manicured lawn, a well-tended flower garden, a spacious front porch with a view, and a well-lit path to the front door. Each and every one of these features increases the curb appeal and therefore the value of the property.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is how well the exterior of the home has been maintained. Is the siding peeling or faded? Is the roof missing shingles? Have the windows been updated? These are things to consider because you’ll either be paying to make these repairs and updates or you’ll be charging less to rent or resell.


Another selling point a home has is the type of neighborhood the property is located. Is it close to a college campus or public schools? Is it in a neighborhood being developed, close to a park, or near a grocery store? Is it a safe neighborhood?

Renters and buyers are looking for certain locations that are more convenient for their lifestyle, so you should consider the type of person you want to rent or sell to when analyzing the type of neighborhood a piece of real estate is located.

Storage Space

Some people own a lot of stuff, while some people own just what they need. No matter where renters or buyers are on the scale of the amount of belongings they own, they’ll need somewhere to store everything.

Make note of how many closets a home has, how big the closets are, and if there’s a storage shed, a basement, or extra room in the garage. Your potential renters or buyers will appreciate knowing whether or not they have enough room to store their clothes, decorations, gear, and keepsakes.

Energy Efficiency

As people are becoming more informed about energy usage and costs, it’s important to find out how efficient a home is at conserving energy and reducing utility costs. People are more likely to rent or purchase homes that use less energy to heat, cool, and light the space.


Other selling points to look for when investing in property is whether or not specific rooms have special features or extra amenities. Renters are always excited about on-site laundry, covered parking, master bathrooms, and newer kitchen appliances.

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